Work schedule

Before you create a work schedule with the student, arrange possible meetings in the laboratory, pass on contacts, etc. basically before you agree on the system of work, look at what is needed, in what period, and what awaits you as a lecturer. At the beginning, don't forget to register and list the topic of a Secondary School Research (SOČ). 


44th Year of the Competition


February - March 2022

Submitting the final Annotation ( Final Report) to the Coordinator, billing

45th Year of the Competition


Registration/Login to the JCMM System, Subscribing Topics

Deadline for submitting topics: 1. 2.–1. 3. 2022 

Register here

Students are registering to the Topics

Deadline for students to apply for topics 2.-25. 3. 2022

Based on motivation letters, you choose a student who will work on your Topic

The deadline for the selection of students for topics 1.-15. 4. 2022

You will find out if your Topic has received the financial support of the school committee

Deadline: 25 April 2022

Signing the Contract between JCMM and your Institution

Deadline for signing contracts: May 2–30. 6. 2022

Signing the Contract between JCMM and the student

Deadline for students to sign contracts: 1–30 6. 2022

Writing the Thesis SOČ

Deadline: 1/7/2022 – 31/1/2023

Signing of the Work Agreement

Deadline: September 1, 2022

The Supervisors of SOČ are signing the Work Agreements only if their Topics has been financially supported by the School Committee. 

Completing an ongoing questionnaire

Deadline for completing the continuous questionnaire: mid-October - 17 November 2022

Registration of finished SOČ works for the school round of the Competition

Deadline for submission SOČ works: February–March 2023

Submitting the Annotation ( Final Report) to the Coordinator, billing

Date: February–March 2023