Completing the interim questionnaire is one of the lecturer's responsibilities arising from the work agreement (DPP). The time when the interim questionnaire should be filled in is from mid-October to 17 November of the given year. You will receive a work agreement (DPP) if the school committee has selected your topic for financial support.

For the JCMM, as a grant provider, a continuous questionnaire is the only way how to find out how you are doing, if you do not have any problems and at what stage of the development of a Secondary School Research (SOČ) you are. You can give us feedback on what is holding your work back or what you need to change. We try to solve any complications immediately so that the schedule of the work you set does not delay in any way.

Fill in the ongoing questionare

You will fill in the final report and send it to the student after the completion and defence of a Secondary School Research (SOČ) in the school round. Correctly completed annotation contains a description of the activity, the goal of the work, or methodology, and the achieved results.

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